About The Venison

Fallow Deer at Millbank

Fallow deer were introduced into Britain from the Mediterranean by the Romans. Initially they were contained within parks but are now found wild in many areas of Britain.

Fallow come in four colours; common which has spots in the summer but is almost grey in the winter, melanistic which appears almost black, white and menil the traditional fallow with prominent white spots throughout the year. All four colour variations are present at Millbank.

The annual cycle begins for the bucks with antler shedding and new antler growth in April, reaching hard antler by August and velvet is clean by September. The rut is generally in October when mating occurs. Gestation is just over 7 months with the does giving birth to fawns in June and July.

Venison is Seasonal

Our Fallow deer are raised on a zero input grass system, during cold winter months grassland is supplemented with hay and barley locally grown. Due to the breeding season our venison is only available from 1st August through to 30th April. During times of peak demand we will source fallow deer reared to the same high standards from within a 10 mile radius.

Our venison is ethical, welfare friendly, stress free, low food miles, low carbon footprint, processed in their natural environment.

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