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£14.00 per order or FREE on orders over £110.00, or you could order your venison here and collect it from our farm or at one of the farmers' markets we attend.

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We deliver on Thursdays or Fridays to most UK postal addresses by next-day courier. Unfortunately there are some areas we cannot deliver to, for example the Scottish Highlands and Islands, because a next-day delivery service is not available.

If you are not going to be at home to accept delivery of your order you must give us alternative arrangements. For example "leave with neighbour" or "leave in shed ".

But please note that in November and December, we are busy, and although we always do our best to fulfil orders, we need 3 weeks' notice to be quite sure of being able to complete your order. However, please don't hesitate to phone and check availability, as often we find we can manage a last minute order.


To keep your order in perfect condition we vacuum pack your meat and pack it in a temperature controlled box with ice packs. This will keep your order chilled for a minimum of 48 hours and will ensure it arrives with you in perfect condition.

Sending Venison as a present is the perfect gift.

We can help by giving advice. All we need is your friends postcode, address and phone number. Due to the perishable nature of the venison it is quite important that your friend has some warning about the delivery day so they can sign for the delivery.

Further information

For further information on delivery and packaging please email us.

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Tenderloin Fillet

Venison fillets are small, shaped like pork or lamb fillets. Weighing only 150-200 g they are unsurpassed for texture.
£42.00 per kg (Typical Pack: 170g)
Pack Size:

Sirloin Medallions

These steaks are sliced from the loin and are truly exquisite - ideal for quick cooking. Thickness depends on the weight. Awarded 1 STAR Great Taste Award. judges described them as "Attractive medallions.  Tender, with a superb deep gamey, flavour. Serve plainly so the flavour shines"
£42.00 per kg (Typical Pack: 250g)
Pack Size:

Haunch Steak

Very tender steaks of venison haunch. Suitable for quick frying.
£25.00 per kg
Pack Size:

Roasting Joint

A tender prime roasting joint, and at its best served pink, though may also be braised. 1kg joint tends to feed 6 people.
£20.00 per kg
Pack Size:

Haunch on the Bone

The traditional feasting joint. Ideal for feeding larger numbers.
£19.50 per kg (Typical Pack: 2.5kg)
Pack Size:

Diced / Casserole

This is the cut to use for stews and casseroles. It's just as tender as beef, so use the same cooking times.
£14.00 per kg (Typical Pack: 400g)
Pack Size:


Very lean - great for pasta dishes, meatballs or for making terrines and raised pies. Plenty of scope for the inventive cook.
£12.50 per kg (Typical Pack: 400g)
Pack Size:

Venison Burger (pack of 4)

Perfect for a quick meal or summer barbeque. The only ingredients other than venison are home grown onions, parsley and some other simple seasonings.
£5.25 per pack of 4

Venison Sausage

A very popular product for a quick easy lunch or tea. 2 STAR Great Taste Award Winner. Judges described them as "Well shaped and sized sausage, the aroma is really good - excellent skin, beautifully made, very well seasoned and excellent gamey shoulder. Belly pork works well with the venison. A wow of a banger. This is a very special sausage"
£14.50 per kg (Typical Pack: 450g)
Pack size:

Venison Chipolata

These dainty little sausages are ideal for dinner party nibbles, a starter and packed lunches.
£14.50 per kg (Typical Pack: 16 sausages)
Pack size:

Gluten Free Sausage

Gluten Free venison sausage is a very popular item.
£14.50 per kg (Typical Pack: 450g)
Pack Size:

Millbank Venison Box

Contains 2 x roasting joints, 1 pack of Sirloin medallions, 1 pack diced venison, 1 pack mince, 1 pack of Sausage, 1 pack of burgers.
£50.00 each

Gift Hamper

Standard £50 gift hamper contains: 1 kg haunch for 4-6 people, 1 pack of Sirloin Medallions, 1 pack of Tenderloin Fillet, 4 Venison Burgers, Glebe House Wine, By Heck Jelly. Hampers available from £20.00 upwards .
£50.00 each
Hamper Size:

Party Pack

2 kg haunch (for 10 people),venison chipolata sausages, venison meatballs with fruit jelly.
£50.00 each

Barbeque Pack

Pack for 2 people contains: 2 rump steaks, 2 vension burgers and a ring of award winning venison sausage.
£10.50 Each
Pack size:

Rolled Shoulder

Perfect to pot roast or braise.       £15.50 per kg
£27.90 Typical Pack: 1.8kg

Stir Fry Strips

Thin Strips of Tender Venison for Fast Frying, cut from the rump steak
£20.00 per kg
Pack Size:

Gift Vouchers

The perfect gift  - a Millbank Parkland Venison Gift Voucher. Can be spent over the phone, at the farm or at one of the Farmers Markets we attend.
£25.00 per kg


Trimmed sirloin commonly, known as Striploin, is a suberbly versitile cut ideal for quicky frying or fast roasting.
£42.00 per kg
Pack Size:

Topside haunch joint

This joint, can be fast roasted or sliced for haunch steaks.
£25.00 kg
Pack Size:

Cast fallow antlers

Naturally cast fallow antlers from a 5 year old buck mounted on a piece of elm.
£160.00 each

Cast fallow antlers on oak pebble

Cast Fallow antlers from a 3 year old buck mounted on an oak pebble
£125.00 each

Roe head mounted on elm

Roe head mounted on a hand crafted elm plaque.
£55.00 each

Roe head mounted on an oak disk

Roe deer head mounted on an oak disk
£40.00 each