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We have some stunning joints and haunchs of venison, suitable for any occasion from our on-line farm shop and through farmers markets. Joints include: boned haunch, haunch of venison on the bone, topside joint, silverside joint, rolled shoulder, if you do not see what you are looking for please e-mail or phone us.  

Haunch on the Bone

The traditional feasting joint. Ideal for feeding larger numbers.
£19.50 per kg (Typical Pack: 2.5kg)
Pack Size:

Haunch/Roasting Joint

A tender prime roasting joint, and at its best served pink, though may also be braised. 1kg joint tends to feed 6 people.
£20.00 per kg
Pack Size:

Rolled Shoulder

Perfect to pot roast or braise.       £15.50 per kg
£27.90 Typical Pack: 1.8kg

Topside haunch joint

This joint, can be fast roasted or sliced for haunch steaks.
£25.00 kg
Pack Size: