Roast striploin with smoked bacon

A very quick easy way of cooking the most amazing cut of venison to impress

How the recipe was developed

A suggestion from Fiona from Cumbria  (feeds 4)

Difficulty Level

very easy

Type of dish



Fallow venison striploin/sirloin (450g-650g)

5/6 rashes of smoked bacon

Rock Salt

Pepper corns

Preparation Method

Grind  the rock salt and Pepper corns or the strip loin.

Wrap bacon around the striploin

Wrap cling film tightly round the bacon and striploin, into a sausage shape

Refrigerate  for at least 30 minutes.

Heat oven to 220C

Remove the cling film,  roast for 12-15 minutes

Cover and let rest somewhere warm for a minimum of 30 minutes.



Hints and Tips

Try this recipe with the fillet/tenderloin