Venison Haggis

This is a simple type of haggis, cooked in a pudding basin, rather than the traditional sheep's paunch. A useful way of using up offal.

How the recipe was developed

This recipe was developed following an evening of recipe chat with friends David Jam and John

Difficulty Level


Type of dish

Burns night Special


Deer's heart


teacupful coarse oatmeal



3 onions               

Salt, black pepper


Preparation Method

Boil the heart and a piece of liver for 1 hour. When cold, mince them both very fine. Toast the oatmeal in the oven and then add this to the minced meat with the chopped onions, a tablespoon of salt and a good sprinkling of black pepper. Mix well, and put it all in a pudding basin. Make a suet crust and cover the basin with it. Boil for 4 hours, and serve it very hot.

Hints and Tips

To serve pour a measure of whiskey over the haggis