Sausages and Burgers

Our venison sausages and venison burgers are extremely popular and a must for any weekly shopping bag. We make gluten-free sausage and our burgers do not contain bread crumbs. The sausages make fantastic meat balls, casserols or even just as a quick "hot dog".

Barbeque Pack

Pack for 2 people contains: 2 rump steaks, 2 vension burgers and a ring of award winning venison sausage.
£10.50 Each
Pack size:

Gluten Free Sausage

Gluten Free venison sausage is a very popular item, with our none Gluten Free Customers too.
£15.00 per kg (Typical Pack: 450g)
Pack Size:

Venison Burger (pack of 4)

Perfect for a quick meal or summer barbeque. The only ingredients other than venison are home grown onions, parsley and some other simple seasonings.
£6.50 per pack of 4

Venison Chipolata

These dainty little sausages are ideal for dinner party nibbles, a starter and packed lunches.
£15.00 per kg (Typical Pack: 16 sausages)
Pack size:

Venison Sausage

A very popular product for a quick easy lunch or tea. 2 STAR Great Taste Award Winner. Judges described them as "Well shaped and sized sausage, the aroma is really good - excellent skin, beautifully made, very well seasoned and excellent gamey shoulder. Belly pork works well with the venison. A wow of a banger. This is a very special sausage"
£15.00 per kg (Typical Pack: 450g)
Pack size: