We have a wide selection of venison steaks to suit all budgets and requirments, if you don't see what you are looking for please contact us. Our fallow venison steaks include: striploin (sirloin or saddle as it is also known), Sirloin medallions, tenderloin (fillet steak), rump steaks, haunch steaks, stir fry strips and may more cuts. 

Haunch Steak

Very tender steaks of venison haunch. Suitable for quick frying.
£25.00 per kg
Pack Size:

Sirloin Medallions

These steaks are sliced from the loin and are truly exquisite - ideal for quick cooking. Thickness depends on the weight. Awarded 1 STAR Great Taste Award. judges described them as "Attractive medallions.  Tender, with a superb deep gamey, flavour. Serve plainly so the flavour shines"
£42.00 per kg (Typical Pack: 250g)
Pack Size:


Trimmed sirloin commonly, known as Striploin, is a suberbly versitile cut ideal for quicky frying or fast roasting.
£42.00 per kg
Pack Size:

Stir Fry Strips

Thin Strips of Tender Venison for Fast Frying, cut from the rump steak
£21.00 per kg
Pack Size:

Tenderloin Fillet

Venison fillets are small, shaped like pork or lamb fillets. Weighing only 150-200 g they are unsurpassed for texture.
£42.00 per kg (Typical Pack: 170g)
Pack Size: